Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky

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Here are some links to other dark sky organizations and to night sky news and information.

Dark Sky Organizations

        International Dark-Sky Association
        Dark Sky Society
        Hill Country Alliance: Night Skies
        Texas Parks & Wildlife Dark Skies Program
        PACE (Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy Program)
                A program to help businesses fincance energy-saving projects

Night Sky Information

        Light Pollution Map
        Globe at Night
        Heritage of Astronomy - Dark Skies Information
        Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook
        Introduction to Light Pollution
        McDonald Observatory: Dark Skies Initiative
        Sky at a Glance

National Park Service: Night Sky News
This is a gateway to the National Park Service Night Sky Initiative. It has a wealth of educational resources as well as advice about proper outdoor lighting, how to stargaze, and how to rate the night sky in terms of limiting magnitude of light. There are links to articles, events, and publications about the night sky. One of the very best resources available.

Night-Sky Friendly Products

Our list of night-sky friendly products can now be found on our Products page.