Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky

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Night-Sky Friendly Products

Night-Sky Friendly Products

Listed below are several outdoor lighting fixtures, bulbs, and shields that are definitely night-sky-friendly. If you click on the the picture of the item, you will be taken to that product on where you may purchase that item. Also, here is a list of night-sky-friendly fixtures available from Home Depot, as compiled by the Hill Country Alliance.

NOTE: Buyer Beware! Not all fixtures that are advertised as “Night Sky-Friendly” fixtures or “Dark Sky” fixtures actually are. If you stand away from the fixture and can see the bulb or the lighting element (such as an LED diode) then it is NOT a Dark Sky fixture despite what the advertising or the packaging might say. If you can see the lighting element, the fixture will allow light to escape sideways to cause glare, possibly trespass off your property, and probably pollute the night sky...all bad things! The lighting element must be contained entirely within the fixture and keep the light pointed down such that it cannot be seen directly by anyone standing just off your property. The fixtures listed below are among dozens that are available on that are truly Night-Sky-Friendly/Dark-Sky fixtures.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Should you click on and purchase one or more of these fixtures or anything else on, the Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky (BCFNS) will get a small amount of money from Amazon. The price to you pay will be exactly the same as if you ordered directly from, but the BCFNS will earn funds that can then be used to fight light pollution in the Blanco County and the Texas Hill Country.