Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky

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Blanco County
Friends of the Night Sky

It's a line in a song. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. For the longest time, it was a given. The stars really were big and bright. But the song was written in the forties and in the intervening years our state has grown. Along with the growth have come the lights. They're shining bright, often to the detriment of the stars.

Here in Blanco County we live on the leading edge of Central Texas development. Austin is coming from the east and San Antonio from the south. We can still see the stars, for now, but the day is coming when that may no longer be the case. Unless we act... and this is why we're here. Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky want to protect the dark sky so we can see the stars, our heavenly neighbors.

Development is inevitable, but development with an eye on the heavens, can give us all good lives enriched even further by being able to look up and see the stars. Because looking up and seeing them gives us a sense of our place in the universe and helps us dream of the future. So, if you're interested, please join us, spread the word, and help us protect those stars.

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Light Pollution Map of Blanco County

Light Pollution Map
Light Pollution Map of Blanco County
Note: Click on map to see entire map.